The WorkManager API is a replacement for all background scheduling APIs. WorkManager incorporates the features of its predecessors in a modern, consistent API that works back to API level 14 while being conscious of battery life.

WorkManager makes it easy to schedule deferrable, asynchronous tasks that are required to run even if the app is killed or device is restarted when the work constraints are satisfied.

WorkManager allows us to observe the status of the scheduled work. It also allows us to create complex chain of deferrable work.

It uses an underlying job dispatching service based on the below criteria:

Dark mode is available in Android 10 ( Api level 29 ) and above. Dark mode has several benefits:

  • Increases battery life on smart phones with OLED screens
  • Improves visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light
  • Makes the usage of your phone eye-friendly in a low light environment

Dark Mode is opt-in

Technically speaking, you can choose whether you want to support Dark Mode in your app or not. Dark mode can be enabled in two ways:

  • Enable the new Force Dark feature by setting android:forceDarkAllowed=”true” in the app’s theme. This is a quick way for developers…

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